Group Lessons with world renowed instructors.

The NY Swing Congress is committed to offering you the BEST when it comes to dance instruction. We offer two choices each hour – from beginner through advanced level in virtually every hot dance style. The classes will be taught by the very best instructors today’s dance community has to offer. Dance Camp participants must have a daily or weekend admission pass. Workshops are included in the 3-Day Anniversary package. Workshop tickets for the 1-Day Pass can be purchased on site for $10 each.

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Mariel Manzone

Mariel began teaching West Coast Swing in 2010 after leaving the world of competitive ballroom dance (International Standard & Latin). In 2012, she co-founded The Swing Dance Studio to bring her unique methods of teaching movement to Boston-area WCS dancers. Prior to 2012, Mariel was a featured instructor, DJ, and marketing guru at another Boston-area WCS program, where she also co-ran Boston Dance Challenge (a WSDC event) in 2011 and 2012.

Mariel travels extensively as a competitor and instructor in the US and Canada. She draws on her rich education and movement backgrounds, including her recent Master's degree from Harvard Graduate School of Education in Mind, Brain, and Education. Her lessons are enhanced by her movement training in ballroom, yoga, and pilates, her past musical training as a violinist, and her extensive experience as a competitive athlete and coach. She is known for her creative lesson plans and her ability to provide supportive encouragement and tailored clear feedback to each student.

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Jerome and Bonnie Subey

Jerome has danced since he 3 years old, starting with ballet for two years. He has done Hip Hop for over 10 years.

At 19 Jerome started his first couples dance, Rock'n'Roll, then boogie and lindy hop, before he went to West Coast Swing in 2008.

In order to provide quality lessons he trained to teach WCS Duodanse in France.

He then spent one year in Montreal to continue to educate himself with professional American dancers and to compete.

At the end of this year, only 1 year of competition, he had achieved all-star rank and received two teaching certificates.

Bonnie started West Coast Swing dancing at 14 and hasn't looked back. Prior to that, she did a little gymnastics and some bellydance, which gave her a unique foundation for West Coast.

Since falling in love with West Coast Swing, Bonnie has dabbled in Salsa, Blues, Lindy, Balboa, Hip Hop, Bachata, and what little Modern she learned in an intro college class, as well as trying to follow anything anyone tried to throw at her.

Bonnie's versatility, musicality and strength make her a formidable dancer, but her patience, understanding and experience make her an excellent teacher.


Group Lessons with world renowed instructors.

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